How clients feel about the coaching journey with me?

Senior Scientific Officer, UK/Finland:

“Kirsti was my career coach in 2015 when I wanted to explore potential changes in career direction. I found the exercises of natural strengths and learnt strengths particularly useful as well as the accompanying ‘tool cards’. I booked a second set of sessions with Kirsti in 2018 to help me decide on the best place for me following a reorganisation of our business. It was very useful to re-visit the natural/learnt strengths that I had worked on in 2015 and combine this with discussion on my aspirations right now. Kirsti was very good at listening to the range of considerations I discussed and to challenge me with questions that would help me make a career decision. Following our sessions I was able to draw up a plan for myself for the short and longer term together with training courses that I will participate in. My career has also moved in the right direction in terms of a scientific management role. I would certainly book further sessions with Kirsti the next time I need to talk through career development. “

Senior Scientific Officer, Bulgaria/Finland:

” Kirsti was my Career coach five years ago when she guided me in building my career development plan. She provided me with excellent support and challenged me enough to prioritise my personal career over the routine daily tasks and achieve much more than I could think of. Thanks to her, I am graduating soon my MSc in Toxicology hoping of better science-oriented future afterwards. I would strongly recommend her career coaching services to everyone interested in further career development. ”

Administrative Assistant, France/Finland:

” Kirsti coached me just a year ago helping working on my communication skills. The results were and still are obvious, I developed stronger resilience to stress and adversity and am able to better prepare for difficult discussions where consensus is often needed. She kept on pushing me to ask myself the right questions and find my own solutions to improve and develop my skills. I still have my “tools card” at hands to avoid falling back in the old patterns. Her flexibility allowed me to follow the coaching exercice without disrupting my work schedule. I can only strongly recommend her as an excellent coach and great human being. Go for it! “

IT Project Manager, UK/Finland:

” I did some coaching with Kirsti at a crisis point in my career when I couldn’t see a way forward. She supported me a lot by helping me take a step back and rethink things in  terms of what I really wanted in life, what were my core skills and values.  My career is now in a much better position! Her style is very intelligent, intuitive, energising. I recommend her! “

Business Graduate, UK/Finland:

” I became aware of Kirsti’s services while attending the traineeship programme at the European Chemicals Agency. As a fresh graduate I was unexperienced and had limited knowledge of a working environments etiquette and expectations. These concerns led me to doubt my work contribution and incorrectly evaluate my unique attributes and skillset. Thanks to Kirsti’s expertise and extremely proficient understanding of careers coaching, she helped me to improve my self-confidence and personal awareness, both in a working environment and in day to day life. Through the three sessions we had together, she provided the framework for determining my key strengths and in turn boosted my confidence in these areas. Overall, I would highly recommend Kirsti as a career coach due to her flexibility, her professional yet personal approach, and her years of dedication and genuine interest in aiding others to achieve their personal and career-based objectives.”